Ellen Rittgers has lived and painted on the North Shore for many years, and has studied with notable artists Robert Scott Jackson CM, and William Scott Jennings OPAM. She holds membership in the Newburyport Art Association and Oil Painters of America, and has received numerous awards for her depictions of the landscapes and wildlife of New England. Ellen’s work is in many private collections both nationally and abroad.

Of her work, she says: “The world in all it’s moods and colors beckons and instructs all of us. We are conduits for a universe of sensory information, which is filtered through the senses and emotions of the individual, and presented to the world as a window into the mind. When we view a work of art we are a visitor in an inner world. To make art is a human thing, and it can connect us in a way that nothing else can. Good art pleases the eye – great art touches our heart – the best art reaches our dreams. To this end I work and strive, and count it as a gift to do so.”